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The Offer Remix with Custom Offer Audits

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Webinar Funnel Kajabi Templates

The webinar landing page is your virtual front door to the training event. It serves as the first impression and aims to persuade people to sign up for the webinar. Think of it as a compelling invitation that sets the stage for an engaging and valuable experience!




Unlock the Webinar Funnel Template today and get instant access to:

  • A fully customizable and professionally design webinar page template for Kajabi (value $997)

  • A fully customizable and professionally design thank you page template for Kajabi  (value $597)

  • A fully customizable and professionally design replay page template for Kajabi  (value $997)

  • Editable Canva image and mockup files (value $97)

  •  Lifetime Access to ALL of the Kajabi, Canva and Google Docs templates

The Webinar Funnel template is an absolute game-changer for service-providers, creators, authors, and do-it-all entrepreneurs like yourself.

Simply upload the templates to your Kajabi account, personalize them to match your brand, and watch your business soar.

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Please note: This template is specifically designed for Kajabi users. In order to utilize this template, it is necessary to have a Kajabi account. Begin your FREE trial by clicking here.